Stephen A Smith lists his top 5 and Giannis didn’t make the list

His list is

1. KD

2. Lebron

3. Kawhi

4. AD

5. Curry

Most of this list I don’t hate, KD and Lebron are far above the rest of the league they can score whenever they want, defend, pass, and both can pull down boards. Kawhi is just a consistent winner the championship he won against the Heat he carried an old Spurs to a title they should of ultimately lost and he’s doing the same with this Raptors team even though they will eventually lose to an overpowered Warriors team. I can agree with Curry at 5 the man knows how to shot and comes up in the clutch. Without him the Warriors wouldn’t of won one championship.

However AD making the top 5 is atrocious the man hasn’t played a meaningful basketball game in his life. If you look at their careers obviously AD has the better one so far he came into the league as force and Giannis didn’t. If Giannis develops a jump shot he’s a Lebron level player and AD could never dream of that. As Stephen A once said stay off the weed.