Ex-NBA star Lamar Odom admits to using prosthetic penis to cheat Olympic drug test


I was felling pretty down on Lamar when he said only fucked 2,000 chicks. Like only 2,000 this is the same man that nearly overdosed at a brothel and dated a Kardashian. If anything he should of cleared 2,000 before he even retired from the league.

But when when Lamar was named to the 2004 Olympic team and obviously smoking weed everyday that summer he needed to figure out how to pass the test. So like any idiot like started googling fake dicks and how to pass a drug test. The real hero of the story was his trainer who let him use his pee to join the team. The only problem is Lamar and the 2004 USA team sucked and they only got the bronze medal.

The real questions is how many shades of fake black dicks do they have?